The idea of founding OH AGAPI came up in the summer of 2021. In our online store we want to enable our customers to shop for exclusive and unique slow fashion.

On our site you will find sustainable, fair and handmade fashion from small labels from all over the world. Impressive fashion with style, quality and of course ethically produced. Some of the labels are small family-run companies in the 3rd generation, female founders, brands that promote and preserve traditional craftsmanship in certain regions of the world.

We want to sell fashion in which our customers feel comfortable, strong and confident.

Sustainability is the new zeitgeist and the most important topic of the 21st century. Let's make the fashion industry a better place together and set an example through conscious consumption.


Fashion is my love and passion. On my travels to America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe I was always looking for clothes that are unique.

Fashion that you won't find on every street corner, but fashion with an unmistakable style.

Annoyed by the fast, boring and unsustainable fashion of the big labels, I decided in summer 2021 to open my own online store, which focuses entirely on slow fashion.

My goal is to offer my customers a unique and personal fashion experience with brands they haven't heard of before, each making them strong, confident and special in their own way.